How To Build Rapport With Clients

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Building rapport with a client can do one of the most important things in the business world and that is having them as a permanent client. While most business relationships aren’t permanent, having quite a few long term clients can make a company a mainstay in many industries. There isn’t one specific way to build rapport with clients and it always helps if the business relationship is going well. It is quite difficult to build rapport if the production on your side isn’t up to par. If there are quality of work issues a good relationship can smooth things over until things improve. Here are a few ways to build rapport with a client that will last.

There are some clients who will not want to be bothered but it is important to try to humanize the company via a personal relationship with a client manager. Something as simple as wishing them happy birthday via social media or sending an email wishing them happy holidays, it will slowly work with them. Do not send out a canned email and try to mention some interest that they had if you have had a personal conversation about something other than work, possibly how their children are doing if they have mentioned them.

Build Rapport With Clients

Sending holiday gifts might seem like an obvious way to keep a client around. Most businesses that do large amounts of business with each other send out gifts during the holidays. The way to stand out from the crowd is to send something personalized to the decision maker or the point of contact that you have with the company. Personalized gifts don’t have to be expensive as there are Personal Creations coupons on Groupon if you need a gift quickly but also want to customize it.

Finding a common interest via social media can be a good way to build a personal relationship with a client. It is possible you can spend some time outside of business hours together if you enjoy golfing or some other activity. While it is important not to fake interest in the person, it is ok if it is someone that you don’t mind being around. Golfing with clients is a great way to bond and even get some business talk out of the way.

Finding a common interest

Retaining clients begins with the quality of work but also relies heavily on the rapport built between staff at your company and staff at theirs. Garner a good relationship and watch the contract renewals keep pouring in!